Saturday, May 30, 2009

On Cornwall and Other things

I've actually been back home for a week, but due to various distractions have not updated the Blog. Cornwall was fantastic and I am more and more convinced that I eventually want to move there (In my dream world where I am writing all day). We found a lovely village called Boscastle which is just about the most idylic place I have ever seen. There are two streets littered with little shops and museums on either side of a stream leading down to the harbour. It looks like it has never changed although it flooded dramatically fairly recently so it must have been substantially rebuilt.

The weather was great and we sat outside for all the traditional cream teas, icecream and Scrumpy. I had promised myself I would get loads of writing done but I was so exhausted at the end of each day I only managed a few freewrites. The walking was fantastic too. Loads of coastal paths to explore and canals to stroll along. On the last day we finally managed to relax on the beach and watch the surfers.

This week I have my examinable piece of work to complete for the OU. It's going to be a fairly intensive week of short story writing before 3 months of being under my own steam. I'm wondoring how many projects I will actually complete in this time as I love starting things but often jump around project wise.

Otherwise, I am loving the sunshine and enjoying the new picnic bench I have built this week. Perfect for writing outside on the laptop.

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