Saturday, May 02, 2009

Great Orme

I went on the first of many hikes in training for the 25 mile long H.A.C.K in September today. Starting from just outside Llandudno we set off round the Great Orme. I can't pretend it's the most challenging of walks, only around 6 miles the way we do it, but on a sunny day the views are amazing. We also saw porpoises off the rocks and plenty of nesting sea birds, which is always fantastic.

To my surprise and relief, my muscles didn't ache and I didn't get out of breath. My feet are another story. By the time I got back to the car, I was walking on hot coals. I wore proper hiking boots and thick socks (albeit cheap ones nicked off my boyfriend), so I don't know what went wrong. Any advice would be gratefully received as obviously this is something that needs to be sorted out before the big day.

I will also NEVER, EVER, forget to put sunscreen on again. I am red with two white stripes where my rucksack straps rested on my shoulders. Ouch.

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