Thursday, May 07, 2009

Lots of Work Today

There is loads of writing to be done today. The little one is in Speech Therapy for two hours this morning so there will be plenty of time for lots of freewriting and ideas generation.

The novel is on the backburner for the next few weeks as I have a big assignment due at the end of next week, closely followed by the BIGGEST assignment two weeks later. I'm going to Bude at the end of next week so I'm hoping some new landscape will prove inspirational.

It's funny how you go through different phases in writing, sometimes doing nothing but generating ideas and freewriting, and sometimes doing nothing but working on projects for weeks on end. My aim is to mix it up a little more as it always amazes me how quickly a full length piece of work can grow from a five minute freewrite.

My blisters from walking the Orme have almost gone, although nine hours of waitressing on Monday was quite stressful to the feet. I have now invested in a pair of proper women's hiking socks. so we'll see if they work. The sunburn has morphed into a tan so I am no longer looking like a tomato.

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