Friday, May 15, 2009

And it's Off! And I'm Off!

My final assessment for my Creative Writing Course has just been sent off into cyberspace. Just the Examinable piece of work now (which I've been itching to start for about two months now) and it's all over. I'm really quite sad about this, but on the other hand I will have a whole Summer to catch up on my reading and taking my writing life at a much slower pace. Of course the novel will get a lot of attention too, rather than just keeping me awake at night. My characters are very intrusive you know, stepping into my dreams or waking me up when I'm dosing off.

I won't be around next week to compulsively check for returned assignments though as I am off to Bude tomorrow morning for the week. It is most likely going to rain on us but I'm really looking forward to the break. My boyfriend doesn't realise I have snuck a notepad and pen into the luggage yet. I've seen his fishing gear in the back of the car though so I think we are even.

Photos next week!

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