Monday, April 20, 2009

My Neglected Blog

I feel awful I haven't posted on here for nearly two weeks but life has been chaos. As I said in my last post I have got a new job, which is fantastic. Lovely people and lovely location plus I get to walk to work through the countryside which means I'm getting a tan in this sunny weather (and putting in practice for the hike in September). However, this has also coincided with the family car dying meaning dashes to town have happened when we have had sporadic use of someone else's car.

The fish have whitespot which I am treating to the letter with no effect whatsoever except that they are dying. I can now also officially state that you cannot get away with putting underwired bras in the washing machine. My flooded kitchen and dead (brand new) machine will testify. Finally today, my little one topped it all off by throwing up everywhere.

All this has culminated in a very unproductive week or so and a late assignment. My writing has been limited to scribbling down story ideas and working on my life writing assignment, but at least I have still been putting pen to paper. On the upside I am now officially registered on Advanced Creative Writing and Children's Literature with the OU for September meaning the end of my degree is in sight.


Caroline said...

But just think how dull your life would be without all the chaos...

Real life getting in the way is such a bugger! Don't be too hard on you. x

B said...

i wash all my underwired bras in the washing machine and have done for years and years! i reckon there's something up with either your bras or your machine :)

that was a cheeky first comment wasn't it?! hope you don't mind.

i'm glad you're enjoying A215. i loved it. i have found a363 a lot harder (i think everyone has - it's a level 3 course so it should have been obvious!) but i've enjoyed it and i think it's left me a better writer. which is the point, i suppose!

thanks for the comment on my blog :o)

pinkgecko said...

B: Don't worry about cheeky first comments, I appreciate them all.

I think that the problem wasn't that there was underwiring in the bra but that somehow during the wash, underwiring and bra lost each other, resulting for underwiring searching for bra in the belly of the machine.

Unfortunately this story has not yet had a happy ending as underwiring too mangled to reunite with bra. Also washing machine still very much dead.

B said...

Oh bless! It's a tragic love story innit?

i feel crap tonight but am sitting giggling to myself now. cheers for that :)