Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Too many Projects

I've passed the mid point of my OU Creative writing course now, and it's at this point that instead of concentrating on completing one assignment at a time, there are three projects to work on.

One is my lifewriting project. This is the one that's panicking me the most. All the guidance in the course books seems to point owards full length pieces. We have 1500 words. I was thinking of doing a piece on my childhood using the seasons as a through line, but to get a good grade I think we need to concentrate on a lot of characterisation. Ironically this is the project that is due in first.

The other projects are a short story geared to a magazine and the final examined piece of work. Both of these can be works of fiction so I'm not as worried about them. In fact I'm a bit excited about getting another couple of short stories under my belt.

Life writing however is completely new territory. Even if you choose to write autobiography you have to be so careful not to offend people you know. I keep putting it off and working on one of my other projects instead. Hopefully inspiration will strike in time as I really want to do well on this course. In fact I'm going to miss it like mad when it's finished. I still have so much to learn.

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