Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Not writing what I should be writing

Since I've been having a little 'employment break', I've had the privilege of two blissfully free hours to write and work towards my OU Course. My local library has the advantage of a very quiet reference library with plenty of desks to spread out on. I don't know about anyone else but I always feel a bit exposed writing in a cafe. (Oh look there's that crazy girl who thinks she can be a writer).

At the moment I'm meant to be working on some life writing both biographical and autobiographical. After twiddling my pen and staring at the clock for a while, I thought some free writing was in order. Just a bit - just to write something useful. Anyway the occult came up in my freewrite and I was sure I had seen a demon dictionary on the other side of the shelves. I had, starting a new page I started noting down interesting facts. I then decided I should learn about Celtic demons and got all five volumes of the Celtic encyclopeadia out.

By now I had a pretty good outline for a short story which is not to be sniffed at. However, unless I'm going to write the biography of Beelzebub I had not achieved any of my writing goals for the day. I wouldn't be too worried but the day before, I spent a good half hour giggling over The Oxford Dictionary of New Words (1991 edition). Ho hum, will try to do better next time.


Action Wolfe said...

Even if you don't get done what you think you may - keep up with it the next day.

If you get lost for things to write - music is a good starting point for me. :)

Will be interested to see some more of your stuff.

xx Action Wolfe

Anonymous said...

Any writing is good writing :) I keep looking at everything I write for my blog and realising that if I had applied it to my novel, I'd be so much further on! But my blogging is good writing practice and lots of fun.

Just popped over to say thanks for following me :)