Wednesday, March 25, 2009

One for the team.

My son takes after me. We did Chester Zoo the other afternoon and we spent ages gazing at a reticulated python and the komodo Dragons in awe. What amazing creatures.

Of course he loved the cute and cuddlies too and was very disappointed not to be able to see the tigers and bears. Elephants as always got a 'wow', but the reptiles seemed to be the winners for him.
Link to Chester Zoo Here


Caroline said...

This is my eldest son's favourite animal at Chester Zoo. I live a few minutes drive from the zoo :)


pinkgecko said...

It's such a great zoo isn't it. Thought we'd take him before Spring when you need a small loan to pay the entrance fee.

He loved it so much he sat at the exit and refused to move. That is until one of the keepers threatened to put him in with the chimps.