Friday, May 21, 2010

The Last Hurdle

Okay, so I'm nearly there. So far this year I have submitted over 37,000 words to the OU purely through my TMA's. I have 4000 to go and they have to be in at 12 noon next Thursday. Have I started writing them? Erm, no. The next week is going to be fairly intense. But I will get there... I will.

After that I have to wait until August for the results that will determine my degree classification. Even then it isn't quite over: I have another 15 credit points to gain to be awarded honours, so I won't actually graduate until April 2011. But the end is in sight.

So for everyone else packing up ECA's and attending exams over the next couple of weeks, before that painful 2 - 3 month wait until results day: Good Luck!

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