Friday, July 03, 2009

So Quiet

Apologies for this being my first post in almost a month. I've been using the time since my course has finished to catch up on my reading and start work on editing some of my short stories and poems ready for submission. I think it's finally time to start 'getting out there' a bit. I'm mentally preparing myself for lots of slim rejection letters, but you never know and they won't get anywhere languishing on my Hard Drive.

Reading at the moment is extremely fun as I am working my way through the set books for the OU's Children's Literature course, (Any excuse to re-read Harry Potter). It has suprised me that children's books today deal with so many painful subjects such as child abuse, slavery and drugs. Having spoken to the local bookshop owner, it appears that at the other end of the spectrum, she is no longer able to stock Charlotte's Webb or many other farm yard tales due to the threat of death of animals causing complaints from parents. I'm sure this is the kind of debate the course will address.

Anyway, here's to filling some more blank pages.


B said...




... They can't stock Charlotte's Web?

I have no words for how wrong that is.

I hope to do that course as my last course in my degree in literature. I hope you enjoy it!

Good luck in getting the stories published! Have you joined a writers' group? Invaluable once the A215 crowd has dispersed!

Kat said...

Thanks for the congrats! I'm so chuffed to have another poem out there although, like you, I'm still sorting through my work for submissions to anything that'll accept them.
I'm also reading all the list books for EA300, 'though I won't be doing the course until next October, as I've signed on for the Advanced Creative Writing this October. But that doesn't stop me from enjoying the books again before I start it! {g}
Hope you have a fantastic result, despite the glaring error! Lol
Kat x x