Thursday, June 11, 2009

Powerful Places

I've had a bit of a weird writing/reading coincidence recently. As I mentioned in my last blogpost, I visited Jamaica Inn a couple of times on holiday and bought the book of the same name. I didn't let myself begin to read it until I had completed my last assignment and also I have not read a Daphne Du Maurier before. However, when I started reading the book, I realised how similar the mood and themes were in her book and the short story I had just written. I have to wonder, do some places have specific moods and influences?

It would be easy to say that as it was the same place we were searching for inspiration, that's the reason for the similarities, but the inn has changed so much that it is now completely commercial complete with a gift shop (yes I did get a mug as well). Also, the weather was beautiful on both occasions. It would certainly have been much more rugged when Du Maurier stayed there.

I'm also having a quick panic that whoever marks my writing is going to think it is very old fashioned and (heaven forbid) cliched. Thank God I didn't mention smugglers (or moors come to think of it).

By the way, I absolutely loved the novel and didn't see the twist ending even though I now see it was hinted at from half way through. It was one of those books you read until your eyes have to be held open by your finger tips in bed. I will definately be reading more by her. Any suggestions for another good one?

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